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We tailor our programs to suit individuals and/or teams. We specialise in increasing an athletes speed, agility, functional strength and explosive power.   
No matter what your sporting goals you will greatly benefit from our coaching techniques and programs. 
Coaches with Track Record
 Our experienced Head Coaches with their 60+ years of coaching experience in Track & Field and Strength & Conditioning will guarantee results in Speed, Strength and Power.
Our programs have succeeded in creating more than 50 National title holders and hundreds of State title holders in Track & Field. 
State of the Art Technology
We are constantly investing in state of the art equipment. Our most popular technology includes High Altitude training, Air Track and Speed & Agility Computerised Testing.
Most Affordable
Our programs start from only $50 per week. Our sessions are all supervised by qualified coaches. We have a track record of decreasing non-impact injuries by improving muscle imbalances and training with proper form.
Specialised Programs
Football & Rugby
At Hi-Octane Training we specialise in all aspects of training, including body weight  & functional resistance exercises. Football & Rugby are full contact sports with a high risk of injury. Our programs & exercises are catered to strengthen the body against high impact contact. Call us now to find out more.
Speed and Agility is an important part of soccer and developing these two attributes can make a massive difference to your performance. At Hi-Octane we can guide you on that path of improving your Speed and Agility and help you get on track to becoming a more explosive and powerful athlete.
Most ball sports require change of direction at a high speed, the more competent an athlete is at this skill the more valuable they becomes to the team.
Little Athletics
We offer a comprehensive athlete assessment to help us determine the physical structure of the athlete. We identify an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses so we can have a template to work from. Our Programs help improve on an athlete’s weaknesses and build on their strengths. Our focus is on improving an athlete’s body strength, biomechanics and perfecting their technique.
Injury Prevention & Rehab
A common problem encountered with sports & athletics is soft tissue injuries. We work closely with physiotherapist & occupation therapist utilising their rehab programs and combining it with our own knowledge to reduce injury down time.
Athlete or not if you have a fitness goal or a sporting dream then...
Fuel your Dreams with 
Hi-Octane Training
Greg Webb
Greg is passionate about Little Athletics. Having been an athlete and a coach for 40 years, Gregg has developed an extensive knowledge with proven track record in Athletics. Some of his achievements in coaching include: 15 National Title Holders and Medallists in Athletics,  
Over 300 State Champions and Medallists State Athletics and Little Athletics & International Junior Athletics and much more. He believes in training athletes in functional movements emphasizing on bodyweight exercises leading into resistance training.
Broderick D'Rozario
Broderick is passionate about strength & conditioning. With over 35 years in the health & fitness industry as an athlete and coach. As a credited AFL Coach, Reiki Practioner, Master Mindfulness Practioner, and Father of 2, he has developed a passion for working with children and seeing them grow and develop not only in their chosen sport but also in life. He believes that the physical skills and mental mindset that a child develops doing sports can carry them through life as well. Physical and mental resilience are key components in achieving success in life.

David Selden says:

Sensationally driven and focused trainers with a genuine desire to get results.

Thomas Reynoldz says:

The ASAP program is fantastic. My son has just started his 3rd month in the program and I can see an improvement, but not only in his athletics but in his football as well. Would highly recommend the ASAP program.
Frequently Asked Questions
Where is the centre located?
We have recently moved to Unit 1, 86 Beechboro Road Bayswater.
We are only 15 mins from Perth CBD and only 2 minutes away from Bayswater Train station.
What kind of training do you offer?
We offer functional strength and conditioning training for all athletes. Our specialty is analyzing and designing a tailored program to each individual athlete's needs. This ranges from improving an athlete's overall body strength, running speed, running technique and agility.
What payment types do you accept?
We take cash, eftpos and even have direct debit for your convienience.
How long do I have to sign up for?
We take great pride in delivery long term results. For this reason, our programs are designed to run for a minimum period of 6 months. This allows us to develop a strong foundation so an athlete can build and fulfill their potential.
CALL US NOW: (08) 9271 9565
or simply fill in below to join:
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